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Morning questions for Father.

Psalm 29:1-2
Ascribe to the Lord, you heavenly beings, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

It seems words written or spoken or even just the thoughts about Our God are so weak as a way to describe how Great our God is and yet God asks us to worship Him and to write about the Glory He is due He is asking us to worship Him in the “splendor of His holiness”.  
What does that look like, . . . or maybe it’s unseen maybe it is only known or felt. What does it mean or what is it like to be in the splendor of His holiness?  The word splendor is a Grand word, and to me comes with emotions of aw. Holiness is defined as a state of being or a full devotion to God. So I guess another way to ask the question is, what does it look like to worship God in the, magnificence of a full devotion to God?

Matthew 5:37

“Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”
My eyebrows dance constantly,  my eyes speak,  my mouth,  my nose,  though not a word comes from my lips,
they communicate something that is going on inside of me.  Some emotion is being expressed,  though the outside person may not know what.   It does no good to guess,  I promise!  Do not assume that you know by my expression what I’m thinking or feeling, do not try and guess what goes on inside.  Instead ask.  The outside expressions of my person are just an outside expression,  nothing more,
and with me,  a wise and good friend would have the courage to ask what is really going on inside! 
Further more, trying to guess my thoughts or feelings is hurtful to you and me.  One last note. I do my best to say what I mean or feel!!!! I DO NOT say one thing and mean another. I say what I mean to say,  anything different would not be wise.
Say what you mean!  Before you say anything, …

Single Routine

Maybe I’m bad at being single, or maybe I’m just comparing my life to others, and I know that isn’t healthy, but I have this habit, and It is hard to get out of it.  I work all day, and I give my Job 200% every day.  So when I am finished, I tend to be wiped out.  My habit is to just come home and watch something on TV, or watch a movie, or browse the internet or YouTube or Social Media. It helps me chill out.
lately though I have been feeling like I wish I had friends who would go out with me after work to hang, play frisbee, get ice cream or get drinks or play games.  As far as I can tell most people do the same thing I do, especially if they are single, I’m sure my friends with spouses and kids think, ya lucky you. There is something really great about coming home after a long day of people and crazy to a quiet home where you know you can just relax and decompress.  I am grateful for sure, and at this point I have no intention of making any big strives to change that. 
So, no spouse,…

My Stomach.

It growls at me, it demands to be fed.  What though? It doesn’t help me pinpoint what it wants to eat, it only tells me to feed it.  Only after the fact does it let me know if that was what it did or didn’t want.  feed it at your own risk apparently, but definitely feed it!

God’s Nature

It is intense today, the sun, it’s heat beats down with strength, it makes me squirm a bit and as I squirm even just the slightest movement breaks a sweat. It breaks and then drips down my neck and back. The birds don’t seem to mind the heat so much, maybe it’s better if you can fly high up there, where there is more air flow, where you can ride the streams of cooler air.  Though the sun’s rays brown my skin, there is a soft breeze. It is warm like a breath but it still dries the sweat from my neck. The trees play with the wind and the leaves play their leaf music all around me.  The birds join in, and the locusts.  As the sun begins it’s journey to the other side of the world the crickets and frogs will soon sing their songs as well. It’s so good to just sit in God’s nature!!!!!

Listening and Speaking

Today’s News Just some Thursday thoughts.

Being a good listener means not just sitting quietly as the other person talks, it means actually engaging the speaker in what it is they are talking about, it means because you are listening to what they are saying,that you may have questions about what they are talking about, therefore you ask questions and you ask the speaker to expound on what they are talking about.  A good listener does not just sit with the speaker, thinking about what they will say next when the person finishes speaking.  Instead their thoughts are focused on what is being said and who is saying it.  Not only are they listening to what is being said but how it is being said, body language, and tone of what is being said.  The listener is also making a point to engage with the person who is speaking to make sure they understand what they are say is what they mean to communicate.

Being a good listener involves more than just sitting quietly while another person talks.