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Today’s news
Growing up with Grandma Vela.

Good morning, here we are at Monday again and on this Monday there is snow falling to the ground.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to stick. 

This past weekend was a long weekend and it started with thanksgiving. Thursday was a really great day of fellowship and hanging out.  Unfortunately this year thanksgiving was over shadowed by the rest of the weekend. On Saturday my Grandma passed on to see Jesus Christ.  It’s strange, to think she is no longer here.  She was such an amazing women of faith in all our lives and she will be missed so very much!! 

We loved her very much and she was instrumental, really she was, she has played the piano in her church for as long as I can remember and she sang and she taught us to sing and practice our instruments.  

Growing up with my Grandma Vela around was such a special thing, for me, for my brother and sister and cousins.  Grandma’s house was always full of fun and warmth, good Mexican food, lots of voices playing talking and snoring, laughing, maybe some arguing and disagreements. We played games and played pretend and ate thanksgiving dinners and played in the basement and the computer room and up the steep upstarts rooms and fell down the stairs. Lol =}  Grandma’s house was rich!!! So rich, with life, love, hope and faith.  

Grandma Vela was God’s example of a praying women to me.  Things she would say to me when I had something I was struggling with.  “Have you talked to God about that?” And “Well you should pray about it”,  “Make sure and spend some time in prayer”, “Just keep praying about it” ,
“God hears us when we pray”, “He wants us to come to him with our worries and fears” , “When we pray, somehow he helps us with our fears.” I could always count on her to remind me to keep the communication lines open with our Heavenly Father through prayer.  I hope and pray to continue in her praying footsteps.

It was an emotional weekend, I spent a lot of it crying, I know I haven’t finished crying about Grandma’s being gone yet. I know there is going to be a hole in my chest for the rest of my life here on earth,till I can see her again at our eternal home.  I look forward to that day, when both of our bodies are whole and new, I want to spend time with her fishing, and playing baseball, riding bikes and climbing trees.  I have a feeling she would love for us to do that together! Wow that will be a great time! I know she is already probably doing those things now, I hope she is! 


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In the monkeys flying report today it’s February 15th , the day after Valentine’s Day, also known as singleness Awareness day. I have always been a fan of Valentine’s Day ever sense I was a little punk. I have always known it as the day that my awesome crazy mom would leave heart shaped candies and baked treats around the house to let us know how much she loved us. On that day she would also make us a valentine’s breakfast. It was always a yummy day. My mom will always be my favorite valentine. When every other single person is having a depressing day remembering that they are, “alone and unhappy,” I am most of the time content and glad to spend the 14th of February celebrating the fact that singleness is good and I’m loving it. As I write this, I am of course aware of the fact that, though I’m so great with just me, there is and always will be in me, a desire to share my life with a husband. I would like to be a wife and mother very much. And so, until that time, I will, wit…

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There are times during the week where I find myself just being still in the moment.  In those moments, I can only take in the things I can sense.  Things that I can touch and feel, smell, hear and see. It's good to be still in those moments, it's good to just practice being there because, if I don't, then more of the time I tend to be filled with anxiety.

The stillness becomes a way to recharge and renew.  To be aware of the ever present presents of the Holy Spirit.

Listening and Speaking

Today’s News Just some Thursday thoughts.

Being a good listener means not just sitting quietly as the other person talks, it means actually engaging the speaker in what it is they are talking about, it means because you are listening to what they are saying,that you may have questions about what they are talking about, therefore you ask questions and you ask the speaker to expound on what they are talking about.  A good listener does not just sit with the speaker, thinking about what they will say next when the person finishes speaking.  Instead their thoughts are focused on what is being said and who is saying it.  Not only are they listening to what is being said but how it is being said, body language, and tone of what is being said.  The listener is also making a point to engage with the person who is speaking to make sure they understand what they are say is what they mean to communicate.

Being a good listener involves more than just sitting quietly while another person talks.