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All the head things! LOL!

As I write today, I'm wondering if it's better to write a hard copy?  For most of my life I have kept a hard copy journal of my life.  At the beginning of this year I started doing both but this seems to be the one winning out lately.  But I miss the pen and paper journal.  I don't think I'm really good at writing about my life, maybe it's because I'm not good at the details.  Maybe it's because I get caught in what the weather is doing. I wonder why I get caught up in the weather, Maybe it's because the weather is always changing and there is a part of me that misses the constant change that my life used to be.  I think that my life still changes, but not because of me moving or getting a new house mate. Because life does change, but I am aware, that Ecclesiastes is more relevant in my life than it has ever has been, it seems that I have come to the age where I am aware of the statement the writer makes when they says there is nothing new under the sun! 

Though, in my life time it seems there have been a great many changes, at least in regard to words and writing and reading and books, and not only that but the way we buy and sell, but here is the thing, we still read and write and buy and sell, that is the part that has stayed the same. The part about those things that have changed is the way we do those things.  And so then in my life time, information has changed technology's and really that is huge because for so long it used be a certain technology/tool.  The change has been pretty drastic and continues to have very big changes on our way of life, how we do things, Jobs, and how we experience life even. 

On to the next thought, I have often thought, I wish I were motivated to do a photo journal, but I never do stuff like that. If I did what would it look like.  How and when would I do it, life happens everyday and for me it feels pretty mundane, is it worth a picture, is it even worth writing about?  I'm not sure.  At times, especially with the mundane parts of life, time goes by slowly. It is in those times, I find myself thinking about the past the future or the "if onlys".  It's in those times that I lose track of the  present moments and soon they are gone, and I think to myself what happen to the time. If I did a photo journal I could at least remember what happened in the moments of life, here is the kicker though, to document moments with writing or photos, requires that we be present in the moment.  LOL!


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In the monkeys flying report today it’s February 15th , the day after Valentine’s Day, also known as singleness Awareness day. I have always been a fan of Valentine’s Day ever sense I was a little punk. I have always known it as the day that my awesome crazy mom would leave heart shaped candies and baked treats around the house to let us know how much she loved us. On that day she would also make us a valentine’s breakfast. It was always a yummy day. My mom will always be my favorite valentine. When every other single person is having a depressing day remembering that they are, “alone and unhappy,” I am most of the time content and glad to spend the 14th of February celebrating the fact that singleness is good and I’m loving it. As I write this, I am of course aware of the fact that, though I’m so great with just me, there is and always will be in me, a desire to share my life with a husband. I would like to be a wife and mother very much. And so, until that time, I will, wit…

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Today’s news Voices In My Head.
Ok I’m not crazy here, but there are very three distinct voices in my mind/head on a regular basis.  Our world especially this scientific culture that I live in would say there is something wrong with my brain.  I have heard these voices very distinct voices as far back in my life as 2 years old.  My voice, God’s voice, and the one that lies, the one that says I don’t measure up.  The one that says I need this that or the other to be happy or fulfilled.  
I haven’t always understood the distinction between the voices, the reason for that is sometimes the voices sound like four at once or fifty voices blaring in my head at the top of their lungs screaming for my attenchen the loud ones are usually the lies it is in those times that it becomes very hard to distinguish the three voices.  My voice gets confused.  
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Being in stillness

Sometimes, I think there is something in me that needs to just be in the moment.  I think, that I am regularly the type of person that tends to think of the future, or of other places, or of times in the past, I wonder about life, and God very often, about what he is doing, or what he has done, and I think I long for what he is yet to do.  So I spend a whole lot of time in thoughts.

There are times during the week where I find myself just being still in the moment.  In those moments, I can only take in the things I can sense.  Things that I can touch and feel, smell, hear and see. It's good to be still in those moments, it's good to just practice being there because, if I don't, then more of the time I tend to be filled with anxiety.

The stillness becomes a way to recharge and renew.  To be aware of the ever present presents of the Holy Spirit.