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Power Sickness

Having power as with anything that consumes our hearts and minds can make one sick.  I must say that, the sickness in his face has made my stomach churn and squirm. For me this happens in reaction to evil.

As I watched his face (The next President of the United States) on the 60 minutes interview, I saw a scary sickness in his face. It was like the scene from the hobbit where the dwarf King became consumed by greed, only in his eyes the sickness of POWER is there.

I never write about politics and I don't think we should disrespect our leaders with slander. Instead we should be praying for them, and so I shall.  But there still remains in me a heart warning. A warning to be aware, ready.  Please we must all draw even more close to Jesus Christ.

To lead, to have power,  is to do as Christ has done.
John 13:12-17 NIV
[12] When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place. “Do you understand what I have done for you?” he asked them. [13] “You …

A New Part of the Journey

I'm considering a path, I'm not sure it is the path i should take.  It, I know will be very difficult but does that mean I shouldn't take it?  God has said in his word what ever path you take acknowledge me and he will make it straight. He doesn't seem to say if you take the right path only then will I be with you.

And so I think this path I'm about to possability take is one where I pray Oh God, that you would invoke upon me my constant need, of your constant presence, in every moment, move me to acknowledge you!!!! Amen