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a few thoughts from wednesday morning

In the monkeys flying report today, It's morning, and I’m looking out the window of the coffee shop. I’m drinkin some coffee and as I write on this page, the snow has started to fall. The coffee shop is a busy place. There is a buzz of voices humming around the room, along with the constant rumble of the milk foamer and the grinder. I like these sounds they are familiar and this coffee shop is as well. I am very glad though that I don’t work here anymore. It’s one thing to spend time in the cafĂ© sipping coffee; it is another to be the bar tender, too much stress for me.

I don’t like stress it has an adverse effect on the body. I get to see it first hand everyday, now that I’m a massage therapist. Stress makes people ill. It makes them unwell not just emotionally, but physically. When will this culture figure this out? Health care needs to start covering care that is maintenance oriented in its nature! If they would do such a thing, the cost of health care would drop dra…

The Journey of Waiting

In the monkeys flying report today, I was sitting at the coffee shop this morning reading the Hobbit when someone sitting next to me said he thought Tolkien was a boring writer. I think my response to him was just, “oh, ok.” He left the shop 10 minuets later. As I watched him leave, I wondered why he thought Tolkien’s writings were boring? I guess I should have pursued his comment further.

As I thought about what he said, I guess I could see what he meant. I love The Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings, but sometimes as I’m reading them I get bored with some parts. Tolkien is long-winded and wordy. He gets really descriptive and in most of those times he is talking about the details of the journeys his characters are taking. He goes into the images and language of the cultures, people and creatures in Middle Earth. His stories seem to be rich with the historical narrative of the world in which he created.

The more I read these stories, I think I tend to enjoy the “boring moments …

Singleness Awareness day!

In the monkeys flying report today it’s February 15th , the day after Valentine’s Day, also known as singleness Awareness day. I have always been a fan of Valentine’s Day ever sense I was a little punk. I have always known it as the day that my awesome crazy mom would leave heart shaped candies and baked treats around the house to let us know how much she loved us. On that day she would also make us a valentine’s breakfast. It was always a yummy day. My mom will always be my favorite valentine. When every other single person is having a depressing day remembering that they are, “alone and unhappy,” I am most of the time content and glad to spend the 14th of February celebrating the fact that singleness is good and I’m loving it. As I write this, I am of course aware of the fact that, though I’m so great with just me, there is and always will be in me, a desire to share my life with a husband. I would like to be a wife and mother very much. And so, until that time, I will, wit…