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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." - The Fellowship of the Rings

In the Monkeys flying report today, a simple life would be a whole lot better if it were done in communities of people who were always near by, who were always in each others lives doing the same simple things of life together. If it were the case, maybe life would be simple but rich, maybe simple but never boring, maybe simple but never with out hope or dreams. Some of you are probably thinking, in each other's lives, that does not sound simple!! I'm guessing you are thinking this because well we are introverts, I do know this for sure, living in community is even healthy for us introverts.  We'll be the ones present but drawing a picture, or writing a story, or reading a book, or we will be quietly working in the garden taking in the still and quiet of nature. Lets all live in Communities of "good tilled earth"(The Fellowship of the Rings) Perhaps we should all build some hobbit holes. :)

Gray Fluffy Clouds

In The Monkeys flying report today, there is a load of rain being dumped on b-town as I type this blurb. The sun did make a show up in the waking ours of the day, but was soon replaced with a bunch of gray fluffy clouds that let fourth their cold heavy drops. Some times my heart and mind needs the rain, it needs the rain to match the emotion of my being. It was a good day, good fellowship and good food were present as was good friends and good work as well. Despite the good of the day, my mood was sad and tired, more than once the gray fluffy clouds in my mind brought warm heavy drops of rain to my eyes and pored down my cheeks. I miss the warmth of spring and summer I miss the sun but today I don’t wish the clouds away, I don’t wish for the ground to be dry and free of water, today I sigh in agreement.


In the monkeys flying report today, we learn that there are joys that come from living and doing the sometimes mundane tasks of living day to day. For instance the pleasure of having clean laundry which takes some time to do, but allows a person to do other house hold tasks at the same time, like mop the winter grim off the floors. (winter grime: The stuff that cakes on the floors when you walk through the front door, after a blizzard has hit the day before.) Other tasks to be done while doing laundry are, homework, dishes and listening to the new Hobbit soundtrack which I just down loaded off of iTunes last night. (love it!) Repositioning the view we have from our vantage point is difficult. How do we see past our own day to day tasks and lives? It's hard to see over a pile of,laundry,moping floors,going to a job and taking care of kids or pets or just being available to the people who's lives we are in. How do we have compassion for things that seem to be out of our cont…
In The Monkeys Flying report today, I am actually writing a post on one of my blog spots, Wow! This has not taken place in an age. That may be an exaggeration, but it has been a really long time. I think that part of the problem is that I don't know what to write about most of the time. I think the other problem is that I think if I just write what's on my mind who's going to care to read it. It than becomes a journal for no one but me. I already have a journal that no one but me reads. Well, it may be a journal, but, I am going to do my darndest to keep writing here. New Years resolution # 5, get in to the habit of writing, learn how to write better, and make a point to sit down once or twice a week to do it. I know that I can't get better at anything unless I sit down to actually practice. I have gone through a whole lot of my life wishing I could be as good at this or that as they are, all the while never doing anything about it. So in closing this report…